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Toddler Program (13 months to 36 months)


Under a warm watchful eye, your toddler will develop feeling of confidence and competence.  We understand that at the stage toddler’s practice independence, but need trusted adult as a secure base of support.  The environment is designed to offer toddlers chances to be in control and to participate in group play, imaginary play, and independent activity and sharing is fostered.


Preschool Program (3 to 5 years old)


The children at the preschool level are developing and learning in all areas of human functioning: physical, social, emotional and cognitive (including language, perception, reasoning, memory, and other aspects of intellectual development). The curriculum is both educational and fun for the children and includes 58 key experiences, daily routine of active and passive play.  Your child will be kept busy and will develop a love for learning the fun way.

Early Learning Center


  • Infants 6 weeks to 12 months: 1 staff for 4 Infants

  • Toddlers 12 months – 24  months: 1 staff for 6 toddlers

  • Two year old: 1 staff for 8 children

  • Three year old: 1 staff for 10 children

  • Four year old: 1 staff for10 children

We understand the importance of ratios to qualify day care. It is our commitment to offer lowest ratios when possible.


Enrollment Procedures


A. Parents may secure child care applications from the center during regular office hours.        Regular office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

B. The application must be returned to the center a week in before the first day of attendance.

C. Parents are required to submit a medical examination report and a current immunization report on their child no later than the first day of enrollment.

D. Parents are encouraged to visit the center before their child is enrolled and should bring their child with them. This will give the child an opportunity to meet the teachers and other children before the first full day of attendance. A 3 to 4 hour stay by the student on the first day is encouraged.

E. Parents are required to have a pre-enrollment conference with the Director prior to the child’s first day of enrollment. During the pre-enrollment conference, parents are encouraged to share information about their child, voice their expectations of the program and ask questions.

F. It is the responsibility of the parent to report to the Center any change of address, telephone numbers (home or work), employment, emergency contact person and medical information.


Give us a call:


Early Learning Center

Children must be picked up by a parent or preauthorized person. Early Learning Center requires any preauthorized pick-up person to have a picture ID and be 18 years of age or older. Please do not allow siblings or other family members under the age of 18 to pick up your child. Always pick up your youngest child first. Older siblings are not allowed in the Infant or Toddlers classroom.  Please remember to sign out your child.



The center will provide nourishments three times each day. Breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack will be distributed. All meals and snacks are prepared based on the Recommended Dietary Allowances contained in the Food Pyramid. Menus are posted in the center. This center participates in the Child Care Food Program of Florida Dept. of Health & Human Services, which meet all federal recommended daily nutritional standards. All parents/guardians are requested to fill out annually a Child Food Program Eligibility Application in order for the Center to maintain state compliance.


Parents must provide formula, and baby food for their infants. Parents who provide their own formula, must prepared it at home and bring it in ready to serve. Parents are required to fill out an infant feeding schedule before the first day of care.

Parents must provide food for children who are on special diets that are prescribed by the child’s physician. Parents must have a Physician or Dietitian to substantiate the need for a special diet in writing. Notes from Physicians are needed to substantiate food allergies.


Extra snacks, other foods and /or beverages are not permitted in the Center. The Center provides a balanced snack, which meets nutritional guidelines. Soft drinks are discouraged.

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